Thursday, October 25, 2012

Auburn Villager stories for the week of 10/25

Hello again, with another week at the Villager in the books, here's what I wrote.

- My piece for the paper on Auburn-Texas A&M, or, what to expect when you can't expect much of anything.

- My '5 Things' blog post on the Tigers and Aggies tilt, where "Johnny Football" as a nickname, Military Appreciation Day and other things are discussed.

- And my story on Auburn High School taking on crosstown rival Opelika, which is always big deal.

Until next time, everyone! Additionally, I'll be gathering some of my favorite posts from The Hoop Doctors with the NBA on the horizon. Stay tuned!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Auburn Villager stories for the week of 10/18

Hello there,

Here are my stories for this week's edition of the Auburn Villager.

- First, my 5 Things blog post on this weekend's Auburn-Vanderbilt tilt.

- My preview piece on Auburn-Vandy for the paper, in which it's time to consider if we've already seen who the Tigers really are.

- And lastly, my continuing coverage of the Auburn High School Tigers, coming off a tough three-game stretch.

Thank you for being here.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

FROM THE FILES: Dirk Nowitzki is Unlockable

**Around this time last year, the NBA was speeding towards the black hole that was the NBA Lockout. With no end, at the time, in sight, it was hard to be happy as a diehard follower of the league. But, as an equally-diehard supporter of Dirk Nowitzki, fresh off his first world championship, it was easy to see why he wasn't seemingly taking it too hard.

This piece never really saw the light of day, but now more than a season removed from Nowitzki and the Mavericks' title, and with news of a possible surgery continuing to hover on the forward's horizon as the season revs up, I couldn't help but think of it and grin. The piece, after the jump.**

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Auburn Villager stories for the week of 10/11/12 (!)


Here are my stories this week at The Auburn Villager.

- My Auburn vs. Ole Miss column for the print edition, on waiting to see, instead of hear, something different.

- For the Villager blog, my '5 Things' post on Auburn-Ole Miss, which in part touches on 11 a.m. starts and new identities.

- And here's my Auburn High School piece, as the team recovers from its first loss of the season.

Thanks, and feel free to check lower on the home page or on the right side of the screen for more stories I've done! More to come.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Auburn Villager Stories for the week of 10/4


Here's what I worked on this week at the Auburn Villager:

- First, my preview of Auburn High School's first appearance on ESPNU.

- Next, for the newspaper, my preview of Arkansas-Auburn.

- And lastly, for the Villager blog, my longer-form 5 Things preview of the Razorbacks and Tigers.

Thank you.