Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Also: Mad Men recaps/discussions!

Also at the Auburn Villager, my colleague Daniel Chesser and I are recapping season six of AMC's Mad Men with Monday morning discussions. They're sometimes serious, sometimes ridiculous but always fun (for me, at least).

Here are the first two.

- Following the two-episode season premiere, "The Doorway."

- And after the third -- or second, whatever -- episode last Sunday night, "The Collaborators."

Auburn Tigers spring practice coverage, A-Day preview

Well there's been some spring practicin' in Auburn over the last month or so. It's all going to culminate with this Saturday's A-Day scrimmage and final rolling of the Auburn Oaks at Toomer's Corner.

There's been some progress, some sluggishness, but lots and lots of speed. Here's what I've been writing as the Tigers wrap up their spring.

- First, the most recent. My overall A-Day preview, mostly focusing (of course) on the sort of telling scrimmage.

And on to the rest:

- This was a spring practice preview focusing on the quarterbacks. Since it's still a neck-and-neck race, it still applies.

- Here is a report after new head coach Gus Malzahn's spring-opening, tone-setting press conference.

- As practice started, I looked at Auburn and the implementation of their new 4-2-5 base defensive scheme.

- This was a notebook-style update as players began adapting to Malzahn's up-tempo system.

- My last update before the A-Day preview questioned where the Tigers were at, progress-wise, and whether they were far enough along or not.

There you are. Thanks for being here.