Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Packerland selects, part 1

Now that I'm a few months removed from being buried underneath a season of Packers football, editing and writing Packerland Pride magazine, I wanted to share a few select pieces from the past couple of months.

- I wrote about the Piccadilly, a former Green Bay club that was eventually banned by Vince Lombardi, and its owner, Bob Harrill.

- A profile of Green Bay Packers team historian and longtime Wisconsin sportswriter Cliff Christl, who never stops working through history.

- Looking back at Super Bowl II, the sometimes-forgotten title with an interesting place in Packers history.

- Before his induction, the case for former Packers general manager Ron Wolf to be a Pro Football Hall of Famer.

- And a recent essay, on the Packers' increasingly long lineage of insane and heartbreaking losses in the playoffs.

More updates soon-ish. Thanks for reading.