Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Auburn Villager stories from the week before Thanksgiving

The holidays are, as always, a tad insane. I believe these stories from the Villager were from the Thanksgiving issue, and I know they're not on here. So:

- Before Gene Chizik, Auburn's football coach, was fired this past Sunday, I wrote about his potential legacy with the school, if he were to be let go. Now that he was, it is something to consider.

Link: http://www.auburnvillager.com/blog_1353442419024696_20121120-Gene-Chizik's-Auburn:-The-Balancing-Act.html

- Auburn High School's football team advanced past the second round of the playoffs with a scenario straight out of Friday Night Lights.

Link: http://www.auburnvillager.com/story_1353426361018709_20121121-Hometown-showdown-at-AHS.html

- Lee-Scott Academy football prepared for a rematch in the state championship game against the only team to beat them in the regular season.

Link: http://www.auburnvillager.com/story_1352997481031825_20121115-LSA-faces-rematch-with-Tuscaloosa-in-championship.html

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