Thursday, November 8, 2012

FROM THE FILES: Selected writings from my NBA's past

During the lockout-shortened and eye-crossingly insane 2011-12 NBA season, I wrote about the league over at The Hoop Doctors, and I had a lot of fun doing so. The following are some of the pieces that I, when going through the archives, still didn't mind seeing again; mostly because of the subject matter.

- On the eve of LeBron James' first chance to clinch a title, thoughts on his journey:

- How Rajon Rondo's difference is different, whether he's doing everything or nothing:

- Prior James Harden trade, the Thunder, where no attack is the same:

- Thoughts on the Bucks' franchise-changing trade of Andrew Bogut:

- The Nuggets' attempt at contending with an across-the-board awesome roster:

- In honor of President's Day, I made a basketball roster comprised of Leaders of the Free World:

- Remember the Rondo trade rumors? Remember Rondo's on-court response? It was great:

- In one game, the Bucks showcase the good and the sad of their recent past:

Hooray, NBA.

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