Thursday, March 14, 2013

Auburn Villager, March 14: Auburn AD Jay Jacobs talk, Basketball's over, etc.

Hello again. Another week down at the Villager, and more proof that March is more entertaining than February could ever hope to be.

- First, I wrote about Auburn University athletic director Jay Jacobs, who isn't everyone's favorite around here right now. But I'm not sure he's judged as an A.D as much as a de-facto general manager of the football program. I'm not sure that I still have a good answer for the situation.

Anyway, here's the piece. I liked how it turned out, anyway.

- Here's the final preview for an Auburn men's basketball game this season. They were bounced in the SEC tournament's first round.

- And this is a writeup for a local high school baseball team's Play Against Cancer fundraiser.

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